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Protection Testing and Commissioning

Any electrical infrastructure can only be as good as the system employed to protect your network

In the event of a fault or malfunction of existing equipment. We understand and appreciate the need for your network to have comprehensive power system protection and have engineers who can advise on the best system of protection to complete your new installation or upgrading of protection systems on existing equipment.

In order to ensure that your protection system will work with its intended purpose we undertake extensive commissioning tests prior to introducing the scheme on to your network. Any current or voltage transformer will have undergone testing in the factory prior to its delivery, it is imperative however that a full on-site commission is carried out to ensure no parts have been incorrectly installed.

The impact of such errors may range from simply being a nuisance (tripping repeatedly occurring on energisation which requires downtime to investigate, locate and correct) through to failure to trip under fault conditions, leading to major equipment damage, disruption of supply and potential hazards to your workforce.


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