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DNO Senior Authorised Engineers

All of the services we provide are overseen by one of our DNO Senior Authorised Engineers...

To ensure that all works are carried out to the highest of standards without compromising on health and safety. Our Senior Authorised Engineers all come with a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the industry and keep customer focus and health and safety at the core of everything we do.

We continually maintain the highest standards of safety, quality and project delivery we employ carefully selected Senior Authorised Engineers that are certified to operate not only for the various DNO’s across the country but also for private network customers. This level of experience coupled with surmountable industry knowledge means that even the most complex of projects can be delivered on time, on target and as always in line with the customers’ requirements and expectations.

Whilst the forte of our Senior Authorised Engineers is complex project delivery they are also able to provide a comprehensive consultancy service to ensure new and existing customers get the best infrastructure possible delivered at the best rate possible. All our Senior Authorised Engineers are fluent in applying all safety rules, instructions and codes of practice in everything they do.


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