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Automation, Protection & Control

We have extensive experience in-house of providing automation, protection, and control systems on both overhead and ground mounted networks.

 Whether installing brand-new automation or upgrading existing/legacy devices we have the capabilities to provide a full turn-key solution dependent upon your requirements.


With technology moving at an ever-increasing pace this brings the possibilities of ensuring that your network remains fully monitored and more importantly fully functional. With a bespoke and up to date automation system, in the event of a fault occurring, your network will have the capacity to react accordingly to ensure minimum downtime and/or damage further upstream. This technology also brings the ability for switching operations to be carried out remotely as opposed to manually which removes the risk of an individual performing the operation and saves valuable time in the process.


Key benefits of up to date control systems are:

* Enhanced network control.

* Increased restoration time following any unplanned outage(s).

* Greater network flexibility.


We provide these services through our team(s) of carefully selected engineers who are authorized to operate for the different DNO’s as well as on privately owned networks.


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