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Cabel Installation and Civil Works

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Not only cable installation for new or existing infrastructure but also all associated civil works that form part of such projects. All works are carried out in accordance with current industry legislation and are delivered by our team(s) of experienced ground workers and civil works specialists.

Any new substation or modification of existing infrastructure will require an amount of civil works. Whether the task is to lay multiple cables of both high and low voltage or install cable(s) for a new supply, network reinforcement or network diversion we can provide such a service. We provide a service whereby we look at and listen to the customer’s requirements and help devise the most economical way of installing the cable(s) and associated plant or equipment without compromising on health, safety and quality.

Such installations are carried out with close liaison of not only the customer but with any local authorities that maybe involved should the cable installation and associated works encroach on or be laid directly in their footpath or road.

Our staff have vast experience of dealing with local authorities when civil works require extensive traffic/pedestrian management and can organise and manage all associated traffic management requirements to ensure the work is delivered on time and with minimal disruption to the customer, pedestrians and road users. Upon completion of all civil works/installations a full reinstatement is carried out returning all sites back to their original state.


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